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Fall is Here!!!!!! October 19th, 2014

grandchildrenWooooooHoooooo!!!! I hate to see summer leave….but, I am now ready to usher in what comes with this time of the year! Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!  This weather can’t quite decide what it wants to do… 4 precious grandangels are sure growing!!!  I am ready to hit the hay now……after midnight 🙂  I’ll talk more later…Love…….Gigi

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Thanksgiving 2013!

Cooking Sweet PotatoesHey there to all of you!!!  Here we are celebrating another Thanksgiving, praise God!  I can’t begin to list ALL the blessings I have!  I do know that my Lord and Savior is in control of this world and for that I am eternally grateful!  I am celebrating with my wonderful family at my sister and brother in law (Kristi and Michael’s) home this year.  Kristi and I take turns with Thanksgiving and Christmas each year now.  Our wonderful Mother, Carolyn, single handedly prepared Thanksgiving meals for around 40 years of her beautiful life!  For the last 15 she has assisted Kristi and I in our “now” traditional roles for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I know that my sister and I share in the fact that we gladly carry on Mother’s tradition.  Of course, we have a long way to go before mastering each and every dish, but it is with great love that we try!  Love…………..Gigi

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Thanksgiving was just wonderful, everyone contributed their dishes and all of them were so delicious!  Mother made her 90 homemade wonderful rolls!  We all love her bread, she is so special with her loving willingness to have always cooked so grandly for her family!!!  Kristen and Kip hosted out Thanksgiving this year and they did a great job!  James had to work yesterday, so, I went shopping!  Enjoyed every minute of it.  Accomplished quite a lot toward Christmas gifts!  Came home and decorated some more!  Didn’t want to wake James (since he has to work again today), so, I went to bed about 11:00 and this morning I am mapping out in my mind, what I want to do today!  Right now, I am letting the butter warm to make my family tradition cookie, Pecan Fluffs!  I make a triple recipe because we all love them sooooooo!!  I would like to get a little more shoppping done, so we will see how my time goes!  Bought stocking for my 2 precious grandangels and have them hung from the mantle!  I just know they both are so cute looking at the Christmas lights!!!  I love them sooooo much!!!  Now, it is my turn to host the Christmas Family Dinner!  I can’t believe 2009 is coming to a close!  Well, I gotta get busy now and make some hay while the day allows!!!  Love……….


Thursday Morning

Morning everyone, hope everybody has a good day!!!100_7292 I got to talk to my Babydoll “Lana” right before I went to bed last night!  I miss my girl!  Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks from today and I look forward to seeing and celebrating with family!  Of course, I will miss Clay, Maggie, and precious little Kaela being with us, but I understand sharing!  Work is getting hectic as it normally does this time of the year!  Need about 24 life applications before December 31!!!  Ugh, does anyone need one?  Call me!  Well, I guess I will close and get on to work, talk to everyone later…………

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