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Kaela’s 1st Birthday Party

We are on our way to going to Kaela’s 1st birthday party!!!  Summer heat is HERE!!!   I love summer, such a FUN time!  Just wanted to write a quick note, I will tell you all about the party later!  Gotta get busy fixing the veggie tray and rest of food!  Love………………………………………………… Gigi


Saturday night, ooops it’s actually Sunday morning!

Just as I figured, Kylie and Kaela wowed Santa!!!!!!  They are just the most adorable two little girls ever!  I can’t wait to get my picture so I can frame it!  So, glad Aunt Lana took lots of pics!  Worked on the front of the house today, James did a great job!  Then I went to Hobby Lobby for a couple of hours, and then to Wal-Mart for a couple of hours!  Ok, I guess I better go to bed and hit the floor running in the morning!!!  Gotta finish Christmas cards and cook!  Love………..

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Excited To Get Ready For The Holidays

100_7436This year, I am “Gigi” and I am loving it!  I have two beautiful grandangels.  Both are little girls.  Born January 29, 2009: Kylie Reese Witt and born June 18, 2009: Kaela Reid Witt!  Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year and this year it takes on a whole new meaning!  I have three wonderful grown children of my own, Cliff, Clay and Lana!  Equally as wonderful are their better halves, Kristin, Maggie and Brian.  My life has always been “full” with my love and happiness for my children, but these grandangels are the icing on the “Life Cake”!  I take a few (million) pictures every chance I get and I do need to learn more about the possibilities of doing things with photos!  Only 3 weeks from tomorrow and it will be Thanksgiving Day!  That is always a huge family time and I love it as well!!!



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