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Brain Overload

My Mother and DaddyGood morning all!!!  Tons going on right now, seriously having brain overload!  I think Gigi needs her grandangels to make her feel all peaceful.  They just bring that stress level down so quickly for me.  Easter is just around the corner and I am anxious to see the girls egg hunting at Cliff and Kristin’s.

Family reunion, also is slipping up fast!  Hope we have a good crowd this year too!  How quickly we see time fly when we realize the short distance from one year to the next!

Daddy has surgery again on the 19th and I pray everything goes perfectly.  Our God is in control and I trust him fully!  Well, I need to get off to work.  Hope everybody has a great day 🙂 Love……………………………Gigi

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Sleepy Feeling Sunday

Such a lazy, sleepy feeling Sunday! Cooler outside and cloudy, really fighting wanting to nap!

We had our precious little Kylie last night, and thoroughly enjoyed her!!! I can’t believe how big she and Kaela are getting! We are so blessed!

Wishing my daughter-in-law, Kristin, a very happy birthday today!!!

We worked in the yard again yesterday and my sinuses let me know that I am NUTS for not wearing a mask while raking and sweeping!!! You would think I would use more sense, but then again “you would think” NOT ME!!! Bahahahaha—– Watching NASCAR right now, sure wish Dale would win sometime soon!

My sweet hubby just brought me a bowl of chocolate mint chip ice cream! Delicious stuff! Ok, getting down to the last few laps and I will be rooting Jr on! Good week ahead for everyone! Love…………Gigi

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Spring Starts Tommorow

Good day, Saturday! Spring starts tomorrow, yiiiipppppeeeee!  I love the warm weather.  I am needing my “Grandangel” fix! Miss my Kylie and Kaela, girls!

I came home from work yesterday and stayed out in the yard doing a little work in the flower bed. Loved it!  Sure can tell there is a lot of pollen in the air though, ugh! My sinuses are not as happy as the rest of me, hahahaha. I have plans to go back outside and do some more “outside” work.

Only 5 weeks from tomorrow is Easter, Praise the Lord!!!

Hope everyone has a great day! Love………………Gigi

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Beautiful Wedding

Clay and Maggie WeddingOh my goodness!!!  Clay and Maggie had the most beautiful wedding!  We all had an absolute ball!  Kristi and Michael rode with James and me to St. Louis and had such fun!! (except for my broken rib that I managed to get less than 3 hours into the drive!)  Being born in St. Louis, Kristi and I really enjoyed trying to soak up as much visual as we could!  My rib is getting better with each day.  Getting ready for Halloween tonight.  I can’t believe how big Kylie and Kaela are getting!  They are the loves of my life!  Try to write more soon………………….. Gigi

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Kylie’s Tubes

Hi everybody!  Been a long wait in between blogs, sorry about that!  This summer has been sooo fun!  The precious little grandangels are getting so big!  Both are walking and starting to talk.  Kylie had tubes put in her ears this morning.  My sister had surgery last Thursday and my Daddy has surgery this coming Thursday!  Our a/c hopefully is fixed now!  July 17th it went out and we have had total aggravation with our home warranty company!  James (my hero husband) finally had enough and got the TOP DOG on it and we got some of that Whoop Action (nice way to say it!).  Only 46 days till Clay and Maggie’s Wedding Day!!!!!  I am so excited about that and getting to go to St. Louis (my birth town)!!!!!  My Daddy has surgery Thursday and I (as I do with everyone I love) pray God watches over him and everything turns out GOOD!!!!  I went to Women Of Faith this past weekend with my Babydoll (Lana), and her best friend Brooke and her Mother Jan, it was just fabulous!  Hoping to get to go again next year!  James and I have finally put the long awaited flower bed in our backyard!  It looks so pretty if I do say so!  Of course, we have the “playlike pool” and certainly have had fun in it!  We have a little polar bear that has floated in it all summer!  Can’t believe it is almost September!  Football, Nascar, fall, it is right on us!  I love Summer, and have had a great one!  Only a few weeks left and fall will be here!  Enjoying the last of it for sure!!!  (of course, it won’t be cool just yet!) Hope all have a good night!!!!  Love……………………………………  Gigi

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Tomorrow is my wonderful husband James’ birthday!!!!  July is chock full of busy!!!!   Had a blast at Ben & Mary Beth’s for the 4th!!!!  I blistered something terrible from sitting in the float about 4 1/2 hours!  Enjoyed getting to see everyone, and the food was scrumptious!  My birthday is coming up toooooo, then Mother’s and then Daddy’s. Also, my great niece, Emily’s!  My special brother in law, Michael’s was this past Tuesday!!!  James is working today and I am trying to get things done!  Just wanted to post a bit, I want to see my precious Kaela and Kylie!!!!!!  I love them and miss them!  Well, later and love……………………………………….Gigi

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Kaela’s 1st Birthday Party

We are on our way to going to Kaela’s 1st birthday party!!!  Summer heat is HERE!!!   I love summer, such a FUN time!  Just wanted to write a quick note, I will tell you all about the party later!  Gotta get busy fixing the veggie tray and rest of food!  Love………………………………………………… Gigi



Friday evening, and I am soooo happy!!!!  I sure thank God for the blessings he has bestowed upon me!  Summer is about to bust wide open and I love it!!!  Pitching the June bugs right now!  So wonderful to suck up the fresh open air!  both of my Grandangels, Kylie and Kaela are walking and starting to try to talk now!!  They are both so precious and beautiful!!  Next weekend is Kaela’s 1st birthday!  My how the time we are blessed with, FLIES!!!!  Also, next weekend is Father’s Day and I sure have the most fabulous Father in the world!!!  I plan on enjoying this whole weekend!  Love……………………………………………………… Gigi

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Memorial Day

Well, Memorial Day is this weekend and it appears that our lousy president BHO isn’t even going to acknowledge our military!  I’m telling you, he makes me absolutely SICK!!!!!!  He is ruining our beautiful USA!  Ok, I better quit talking about that or I’ll wind up in a horrible mood right at bedtime!  My 2 little grandangels are getting sooooo big!  Kylie is walking and running, and Kaela is right on her heels starting to walk too, wish they could be together more often, I really would like for them to be close cousins!  They are so cute together!  I am sooo lucky to have such beautiful little granddaughter’s!  Do I sound like a grandma that is eaten up with her grand-kids?  Well?———I am!!!!!!!  lol  Love………… Gigi

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