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Gigi and her family….


Ok, Ok, I have been slackin’—sorry!  Dad-gum Cowboys played horrible today!!!!!  Dust ourselves off and get ready for next year!  Meanwhile, my 2 precious granddaughters are not even worried in the least about the Cowboys!  We got to keep Kylie this weekend and really enjoyed her.  Been over a month (except for Christmas Day) since we’ve kept her.  She sure likes pointing her little index fingers!  James had to work yesterday, so Kylie and I played a lot!  Kaela has a new career!  I know she is going to be adorable when she gets in action!  As far as I am concerned, both my granddaughters are just unbeatable!!!!!!  (I can say that, cause I am Gigi!!! :))  Wish I had a million $$$$$$$$ to do everything I would like for them and all my family!!!  Speaking of, guess I better get to bed so I can continue getting my paycheck!! Goodnight all, love………………………….



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