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Fall is Here!!!!!! October 19th, 2014

grandchildrenWooooooHoooooo!!!! I hate to see summer leave….but, I am now ready to usher in what comes with this time of the year! Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!  This weather can’t quite decide what it wants to do… 4 precious grandangels are sure growing!!!  I am ready to hit the hay now……after midnight 🙂  I’ll talk more later…Love…….Gigi

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2013 January 6 Sunday

MasonWow, I have realized more with each passing day, how very fast time flies!!! I am still such a blessed woman. My first 2 grandangels will turn 4 this year!!! Not possible! My first grandangel boy is going to be 6 months old in less than three weeks! Mason came into our lives July 25, 2012. He is absolutely adorable. My holidays were fabulous because of family! We had our first snow on Christmas this year, beautiful, but kept several from being able to make it to Christmas at my sister’s house! Having Mother and Daddy out here with us was fabulous! James and I had 6 Christmas’ to do and we did! The only thing terribly hurtful, is, that James lost his job Thanksgiving week. The company he worked for was definitely not a nice one. They will suffer the loss. As we have a new year, I am praying to God that he opens a wonderful opportunity up for James. He so deserves a good job. Only 8 weeks and 1 day and our second grandangel boy will be arriving! Brady is due to arrive March 4, 2013. I am loading up on blessings with these precious grandangels. My new year’s resolution is to shed 25 pounds, write more on my blog, and do some sewing! Hopefully I will be able to accomplish these things. After all of the baking for Christmas I did, we still have some goodies left. I will do much better on the “diet” after that is gone. Cowboys disappointed again at the end of the season! Jerry says it is going to be VERY uncomfortable around Valley Ranch….right! James and I just realized Fancie is 11 1/2 years old, that doesn’t seem possible either! She is such a sweet little dog! James trained her and she is very good! He has kept the cover off the pool this winter and since he is home right now (no job), he is diligently keeping it perfect and I know he is proud of it. We will have our 3rd annual Norman Oasis Opening, which I am planning for June 1st! Only about 20 weeks away, and that will fly! I love summertime, best of all the seasons! Talk to you again soon……………….love, Gigi!

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Christmas Holidays

Mother and DaddyWhew, the anticipation of Christmas has passed now.  Christmas was fabulous!  Everyone in the family was at our house for the Christmas Day Dinner!  (except Taylor and Cynthia).  I have the week off and I am working  just as hard as a turk!!!!  Not even going to start taking down the Christmas decorations, I think I deserve being able to look at them with no stress of schedule!!!!  Kaela and Kylie looked so precious on Christmas dressed alike in their little Christmas dresses that Nana and Pop gave them!!!  Mother and Daddy (and Shane) were here from the 20th till the 26th.  The weather hasn’t been bad, just cold enough to have the fireplace going!!!  I baked about 14 different sweets this year!  It was a wonderful Christmas!  Kept Kylie yesterday and sure enjoyed having her.  James was off too, so we had fun the whole day!  Love………………..Gigi

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Christmas!  Whew!  I can’t begin to put it all on the computer, but this Christmas was just outta sight!!!!!  I thank God for the wonderful family time and blessings we all shared!  Kylie and Kaela stole the whole thing!  I just love them sooooooooo much!  I know all Grandma’s are crazy about their grandchildren and I am no exception!  God sure blessed me with 2 precious little beautiful girls this year!  Lana and Brian are about to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary!  I am so thankful to the good Lord that we have a Savior to pray to and praise to!  Christmas is all about his birth!  I love my family!  My 2 little grandangels are sooooooo beautiful!  I just want to thank all of my family for being able to be here at our house for Christmas to help make this such an outstanding Christmas!  I love you all very very very much!!!!!  Love……………………………….

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