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Kylie’s 1st Birthday Party

Kylie’s 1st Birthday Party was fabulous!  We had 40 people at our home for the joyous occasion and everyone had a great time!  Kylie was precious getting to eat her special little birthday cake!!!  So memorable, everyone was looking on in total anticipation!  Even cousin Kaela took it all in!  Got tons of great pics and just got through looking at them again!  That year sure flew by!  I always take lots of pics, but I so enjoy reliving the events with all the family and friends after it is over……so, just bear with me as I build my HUGE photo gallery!  My 2 precious grandangels, Kylie and Kaela, are TOPS!!!!  Everyone had a blast! There are pics on Facebook that you may go and look at!  Cliff wrote Kylie a special poem for her 1st Birthday that was so touching.  Love……………………………..Gigi

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