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Sunday morning- July 8th 2012

on July 8, 2012

Hello everyone!!!  2weeks and 5 days til my first little boy grandangel is due to arrive.  My Babydoll goes back for her checkup tomorrow.  I am so anxious for my wonderful daughter, Lana to be blessed with a child!  I have no doubt she and Brian will be GREAT parents!  Lana has loved the role of ‘Mother” all her life and now, she gets to live that role! The summer of July 2012 has been fast and furious!  Started on May 12, 2012. That was our “opening season at the Norman Oasis! Of course, it was a bit early for the water, so we only had a couple of the children actually swim!  Fun time was had by all! Then we celebrated Mother’s Day on the same day so everyone would get to see all the Mom’s! Since that weekend, just about every weekend, we have been blowin’ and goin’! Now, we are waiting on Mason Kieth to arrive! Baby Showers, July 4th, birthdays, Father’s Day, but, the BIG one is Mason! Can’t wait to start loving on him!!! I believe: “being a grandparent is like….opening presents FOREVER”!!!!!  Stay tuned for more to come, love……………..Gigi

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