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Spring Starts Tommorow

on March 19, 2011

Good day, Saturday! Spring starts tomorrow, yiiiipppppeeeee!  I love the warm weather.  I am needing my “Grandangel” fix! Miss my Kylie and Kaela, girls!

I came home from work yesterday and stayed out in the yard doing a little work in the flower bed. Loved it!  Sure can tell there is a lot of pollen in the air though, ugh! My sinuses are not as happy as the rest of me, hahahaha. I have plans to go back outside and do some more “outside” work.

Only 5 weeks from tomorrow is Easter, Praise the Lord!!!

Hope everyone has a great day! Love………………Gigi

One Response to “Spring Starts Tommorow”

  1. Gigi says:

    Right here at Gigi and Papa’s!!!!! I think Easter Saturday is when Cliff and Kristin are having the Egg Hunt. But ya’ll know you are welcome here ANYTIME!!!!!!

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