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Sunday morning- July 8th 2012

Hello everyone!!!  2weeks and 5 days til my first little boy grandangel is due to arrive.  My Babydoll goes back for her checkup tomorrow.  I am so anxious for my wonderful daughter, Lana to be blessed with a child!  I have no doubt she and Brian will be GREAT parents!  Lana has loved the role of ‘Mother” all her life and now, she gets to live that role! The summer of July 2012 has been fast and furious!  Started on May 12, 2012. That was our “opening season at the Norman Oasis! Of course, it was a bit early for the water, so we only had a couple of the children actually swim!  Fun time was had by all! Then we celebrated Mother’s Day on the same day so everyone would get to see all the Mom’s! Since that weekend, just about every weekend, we have been blowin’ and goin’! Now, we are waiting on Mason Kieth to arrive! Baby Showers, July 4th, birthdays, Father’s Day, but, the BIG one is Mason! Can’t wait to start loving on him!!! I believe: “being a grandparent is like….opening presents FOREVER”!!!!!  Stay tuned for more to come, love……………..Gigi

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Exactly 4 weeks!!!

Well, I can’t begin to tell you how very excited I am to know my Babydoll Lana, is giving birth to our 1st Grandson!!! He is due 4 weeks from today!  Most everyone doesn’t think she will go that long.  Bless her heart, she has done soooo good!  She and Brian sure have his room fixed up adorable.  His name will be Mason Kieth! Yes, that is the way Kieth will be spelled!  Brian’s mother spelled his name that way, so, Mason will have his middle name after his Daddy!!! Love it! I am soooo excited!!! Last weekend was our precious Kaela’s 3rd birthday party!  She is just adorable!  James, Kylie and I spent the night with Lana and Brian, had such a great time!  Brought our other little adorable Kylie home with us and we swam 6 hours!  This weekend we are going down to my handsome brother, Ben’s for their (Mary Beth & Ben) annual 4th of July Celebration!  Can’t wait, always have a blast!!! Love……………………Gigi

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April 18, 2012 Wednesday

Watching American Idol—-wooohooo, I am amazed at the talent! Yiiiipppeee, gettin’ so excited for little angeldoll “MASON” to get here! God is so wonderful and we all need to praise him!!!!!!! Work is —hummmm—work! James and I have been working outside getting things ready for the swimming season at “Norman Oasis”!!!!! Love………..Gigi

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Friday Night-March 23, 2012

I am so very blessed!!! I have such a beautiful family! My precious grandangels are so wonderful and I look sooo forward to our first grandson in July!  We are both looking so forward to getting the swimming season going at the Norman Oasis!!! Very anxious to work in the yard too!!! Flowers here I come!!! Going to try to get a lot done this weekend! Love………………..Gigi


March 11, 2012

Yipppeee, Lana and Brian are presenting us with Mason Keith Hamblin in July!!!!!  I’m soooo excited to have a little grandson!!!  Yesterday, James and I met Lana at the Range Rover dealership and ate breakfast at Denny’s and then shopped at Babies R Us! Had a blast! Then at lunch at Buca Di Beppo Italian and it was delish!!!!  Took Lana back to get her car and she went back home.  We went and visited with Cliff, Kristin, and Kylie! Enjoyed seeing them all, but of course, Kylie was the show stopper!  However, their big ol’ white cat, Meester, ran a close second.  He climbed up on the back of the recliner, and proceeded to throw up run into my purse that was sitting on the floor!!!  Thank goodness, and Kristin’s quick action, not much damage!!!  Guess I won’t put my purse on the floor next time!!! hahahaha  James and I just finished watching Nascar race and Dale Jr. lead quite a few laps!!!  Definitely a Jr. fan!!!  I am very excited about a new grandson on the way and summer coming!!! Love…………………Gigi

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Happy New Year

swimming poolHappy New Year everyone!  I am absolutely thrilled and excited to be looking for our newest little grandangel around July 27th!  Lana and Brian are expecting their 1st child! I am one excited Gigi, I can tell you!!!  Kylie will be 3 years old in just a couple of weeks! Wasn’t it just yesterday she was born? I’m so very blessed to have such wonderful children and grandangels! Of course, we here in Texas have no reason to complain about our winters, but James and I are sure anxious to get Norman’s Oasis opened! Really needing to get a few pounds re-distributed before swim suit time!!! 🙂 Love…………………..Gigi

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Christmas Holidays

Mother and DaddyWhew, the anticipation of Christmas has passed now.  Christmas was fabulous!  Everyone in the family was at our house for the Christmas Day Dinner!  (except Taylor and Cynthia).  I have the week off and I am working  just as hard as a turk!!!!  Not even going to start taking down the Christmas decorations, I think I deserve being able to look at them with no stress of schedule!!!!  Kaela and Kylie looked so precious on Christmas dressed alike in their little Christmas dresses that Nana and Pop gave them!!!  Mother and Daddy (and Shane) were here from the 20th till the 26th.  The weather hasn’t been bad, just cold enough to have the fireplace going!!!  I baked about 14 different sweets this year!  It was a wonderful Christmas!  Kept Kylie yesterday and sure enjoyed having her.  James was off too, so we had fun the whole day!  Love………………..Gigi

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Summer Is Over

swimming poolWOW, what a summer!!!  We put our pool in and love, love, love it!!!!  So thankful to have had the opportunity to have family and friends all summer long! Perfect weather all  summer for swimming, thank you Lord!  We were in it every single day!!! Came home from work each evening and jumped in swimming suit and then right in the pool!  How refreshing!   It has been a wonderful summer!!!  Daddy got a severe infection in his right hand under the tendons (not sure at all how it happened), had to have surgery and been in the Tyler ETMC for 15 days! Mother has been with him every minute.  They should be going home on Monday or Tuesday.  They are soooooo ready!  Kylie and Kaela are just chattering up a storm now and growing so fast!!!  Precious dolls!  Went to Joe’s Crab Shack and Main Event for Lana’s 30th (and Brian’s 31st) and had an absolute blast!  Bowled, Glo-Golf, and Laser Tag (which was my favorite)!!!!  Where has this year already gone?  Just can’t believe Gigi is already Christmas shopping!!!  ……..Love….Gigi

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Brain Overload

My Mother and DaddyGood morning all!!!  Tons going on right now, seriously having brain overload!  I think Gigi needs her grandangels to make her feel all peaceful.  They just bring that stress level down so quickly for me.  Easter is just around the corner and I am anxious to see the girls egg hunting at Cliff and Kristin’s.

Family reunion, also is slipping up fast!  Hope we have a good crowd this year too!  How quickly we see time fly when we realize the short distance from one year to the next!

Daddy has surgery again on the 19th and I pray everything goes perfectly.  Our God is in control and I trust him fully!  Well, I need to get off to work.  Hope everybody has a great day 🙂 Love……………………………Gigi

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