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Oooooops, Sunday night!

on November 15, 2009

Ok gang, got some housework done, and also went Christmas shopping yesterday!!!  James actually went with me!!  Got some things accomplished, yea!!! Got all the shrubs in front trimmed and raked into a BIG pile for James to put in the trash can!  Whooooo hooooo, in the holiday spirit!!!  So very blessed, I love all my family soooo much!!!  Oh yeah, we bought Kylie and Kaela a Christmas outfit yesterday and they are gonna look sooo cute in them!!!  Hope this week is fabulous for all!!!  Love…………………..

2 Responses to “Oooooops, Sunday night!”

  1. Gigi says:

    Thank you Babydoll!!!!!!!!

  2. Lana says:

    Whooooa, James ake a picture…went shopping with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you take a picture…ha ha ha!! Just kiddin James!! Im glad you both had a great day and I love you both VERY much!!!! Hope both of you have a fabulous week as well!!! xoxoxoxo

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