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Memorial Day

on May 27, 2010

Well, Memorial Day is this weekend and it appears that our lousy president BHO isn’t even going to acknowledge our military!  I’m telling you, he makes me absolutely SICK!!!!!!  He is ruining our beautiful USA!  Ok, I better quit talking about that or I’ll wind up in a horrible mood right at bedtime!  My 2 little grandangels are getting sooooo big!  Kylie is walking and running, and Kaela is right on her heels starting to walk too, wish they could be together more often, I really would like for them to be close cousins!  They are so cute together!  I am sooo lucky to have such beautiful little granddaughter’s!  Do I sound like a grandma that is eaten up with her grand-kids?  Well?———I am!!!!!!!  lol  Love………… Gigi

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