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Friday night!

on January 14, 2011

Sooooo glad it is the weekend!  This has been an extra long feeling week.  I wish I had my 2 grandangels here to squeeze!  I miss them! 🙁  Just can’t believe it is already the middle of January, 2011.   We have had some terrible cold weather this week.  We have had nothing to complain about though.  All we like to get weather wise, is enough to kill the BUGS!!!!!!

What????????? Changing the signs of the Zodiac?  What next, don’t like the names of the months, days of the week, how many days in a week, month, or year?  For gosh sakes, leave us alone!!!  I am thinking we need to speak up, step up, and stand up before we aren’t allowed to!  Ok, enough seriousness!  God help us!

I bet my sweet little grandangels are snoozing now.  My wonderful husband is sitting over here in his recliner working on his lap top!  Fancie Pantz is stretched out beside me here on the couch, snoozing!  She loves being lazy, of course, that is pretty much her daily routine, hahahahaha!

Super Bowl coming to Big D in just a couple weeks!  On the news tonight, some thugs stoled a laptop after breaking into a car at Joe’s Crabshack near the stadium, it has all kinds of secret info on it!  See, criminals are not afraid in this country any more!  If they were punished instead of petted, we might see a shift in crime!!!!!!!!  Ooops, I got serious again, didn’t I?

Television time now, night-night—and sweet dreams, love……………… Gigi

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