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on May 1, 2010

Good morning!!!  Well, I now have the Colonoscopy test literally “behind” me!!!!!  Thank God everything is A.O.K!  However, I was exhausted afterward and slept and slept and still had a bit of a headache till this morning! I can tell it is leaving though!  Next weekend is Mother’s Day, James has to work, so we are going to get ready and go see his Mother (Shirley).  Last weekend was the Vissering Family Reunion, and it was wonderful to see everybody!  Wish I had my 2 little precious grandangels here to give me a big ol’ kiss and hug!  Ready for some more video on Facebook!  Rainy today, gotta have it for flowers, grasses, trees, and veggies!  The sun ul’ come out tomorrow!  Right!  Kaela, Maggie and Clay are in St. Louis right now, I know they are all enjoying having them up there!  Lana and Brian are getting ready for Allen and Renae’ to be here next weekend!  Well, guess I will go get ready for the day (gotta have a second cup of coffee with a ton of Hazelnut coffeemate)!  Love …………………………………………..

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