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on December 27, 2009

Christmas!  Whew!  I can’t begin to put it all on the computer, but this Christmas was just outta sight!!!!!  I thank God for the wonderful family time and blessings we all shared!  Kylie and Kaela stole the whole thing!  I just love them sooooooooo much!  I know all Grandma’s are crazy about their grandchildren and I am no exception!  God sure blessed me with 2 precious little beautiful girls this year!  Lana and Brian are about to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary!  I am so thankful to the good Lord that we have a Savior to pray to and praise to!  Christmas is all about his birth!  I love my family!  My 2 little grandangels are sooooooo beautiful!  I just want to thank all of my family for being able to be here at our house for Christmas to help make this such an outstanding Christmas!  I love you all very very very much!!!!!  Love……………………………….

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