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Thanksgiving 2013!

Cooking Sweet PotatoesHey there to all of you!!!  Here we are celebrating another Thanksgiving, praise God!  I can’t begin to list ALL the blessings I have!  I do know that my Lord and Savior is in control of this world and for that I am eternally grateful!  I am celebrating with my wonderful family at my sister and brother in law (Kristi and Michael’s) home this year.  Kristi and I take turns with Thanksgiving and Christmas each year now.  Our wonderful Mother, Carolyn, single handedly prepared Thanksgiving meals for around 40 years of her beautiful life!  For the last 15 she has assisted Kristi and I in our “now” traditional roles for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I know that my sister and I share in the fact that we gladly carry on Mother’s tradition.  Of course, we have a long way to go before mastering each and every dish, but it is with great love that we try!  Love…………..Gigi

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