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Exactly 4 weeks!!!

Well, I can’t begin to tell you how very excited I am to know my Babydoll Lana, is giving birth to our 1st Grandson!!! He is due 4 weeks from today!  Most everyone doesn’t think she will go that long.  Bless her heart, she has done soooo good!  She and Brian sure have his room fixed up adorable.  His name will be Mason Kieth! Yes, that is the way Kieth will be spelled!  Brian’s mother spelled his name that way, so, Mason will have his middle name after his Daddy!!! Love it! I am soooo excited!!! Last weekend was our precious Kaela’s 3rd birthday party!  She is just adorable!  James, Kylie and I spent the night with Lana and Brian, had such a great time!  Brought our other little adorable Kylie home with us and we swam 6 hours!  This weekend we are going down to my handsome brother, Ben’s for their (Mary Beth & Ben) annual 4th of July Celebration!  Can’t wait, always have a blast!!! Love……………………Gigi

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