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Summer Is Over

swimming poolWOW, what a summer!!!  We put our pool in and love, love, love it!!!!  So thankful to have had the opportunity to have family and friends all summer long! Perfect weather all  summer for swimming, thank you Lord!  We were in it every single day!!! Came home from work each evening and jumped in swimming suit and then right in the pool!  How refreshing!   It has been a wonderful summer!!!  Daddy got a severe infection in his right hand under the tendons (not sure at all how it happened), had to have surgery and been in the Tyler ETMC for 15 days! Mother has been with him every minute.  They should be going home on Monday or Tuesday.  They are soooooo ready!  Kylie and Kaela are just chattering up a storm now and growing so fast!!!  Precious dolls!  Went to Joe’s Crab Shack and Main Event for Lana’s 30th (and Brian’s 31st) and had an absolute blast!  Bowled, Glo-Golf, and Laser Tag (which was my favorite)!!!!  Where has this year already gone?  Just can’t believe Gigi is already Christmas shopping!!!  ……..Love….Gigi

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