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Hi everybody!  Been a long wait in between blogs, sorry about that!  This summer has been sooo fun!  The precious little grandangels are getting so big!  Both are walking and starting to talk.  Kylie had tubes put in her ears this morning.  My sister had surgery last Thursday and my Daddy has surgery this coming Thursday!  Our a/c hopefully is fixed now!  July 17th it went out and we have had total aggravation with our home warranty company!  James (my hero husband) finally had enough and got the TOP DOG on it and we got some of that Whoop Action (nice way to say it!).  Only 46 days till Clay and Maggie’s Wedding Day!!!!!  I am so excited about that and getting to go to St. Louis (my birth town)!!!!!  My Daddy has surgery Thursday and I (as I do with everyone I love) pray God watches over him and everything turns out GOOD!!!!  I went to Women Of Faith this past weekend with my Babydoll (Lana), and her best friend Brooke and her Mother Jan, it was just fabulous!  Hoping to get to go again next year!  James and I have finally put the long awaited flower bed in our backyard!  It looks so pretty if I do say so!  Of course, we have the “playlike pool” and certainly have had fun in it!  We have a little polar bear that has floated in it all summer!  Can’t believe it is almost September!  Football, Nascar, fall, it is right on us!  I love Summer, and have had a great one!  Only a few weeks left and fall will be here!  Enjoying the last of it for sure!!!  (of course, it won’t be cool just yet!) Hope all have a good night!!!!  Love……………………………………  Gigi

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