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Cool Out Tonight

Kind of cool out tonight!  I got to see a video of both of my little grandangels on the puter tonight!!!  I always enjoy everything I can see with them in it!  Just in case you can’t tell from my writing, Kylie and Kaela are the joys of my life!  Grandchildren are soooo fun!!!!   Just had to say that before gnite!!!! Love…………………

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Vissering Family Reunion

Well, we had our Vissering Family Reunion this past Saturday and it was just fabulous as usual!  We had over 100 again, and more food than you can shake a stick at!!!!!!!  God blessed us with a beautiful day!  Our family visited Mother and Daddy afterwards, Kylie and Kaela bring such joy and I got lots of great pics!  They are really getting big! I crave their innocent sweet little faces!  They were a huge hit at the Family Reunion, then at Mother and Daddy’s they were so cute playing together!  I must get to work now, I will look forward to getting home tonight and seeing if my sweet husband has the pics on the family website!!!!!!  Love to all………………….

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Been Too Long

Ooooooops, been too long since I checked in with ya’ll!  My 2 precious grandangels are just getting so big!  I can’t believe how fast they change! Can’t get enough of seeing them, I know that!The wind is about to drive people crazy!We have had a pretty calm spring!No room to complain!Trying to figure out how to get James in the mood to paint again and do some things before the summer sets in! Bless his heart, he really has a difficult bunch of folks to work for!Never seen anything like it, but still glad he at least has a job!!!!!!Seems the private sector is really struggling with the way this economy  is going these days.Well, guess I better get to work and earn my paycheck!I hope my Kylie and Kaela have fun today!I miss them and love them sooooo much!!

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