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Sunday Morning

Morning everyone, it’s Sunday morning and God is in control!!!  No matter what or how we try to run things, He is the ultimate ruler!  My two little precious Grandangels, Kylie and Kaela, are just growing so much.  The chapters in our lives are written before we even come into this world!  Amazing isn’t it?  Life really is so short, every day is a gift, that we should get every drop out of!  Isn’t it difficult to give God the reigns and see where he takes us?  He doesn’t need driving lessons, but we seems to forget that!  Submitting ourselves to him is what we are asked to do, do we do it?  Often times not, but we must keep trying!!!  Let God hear from you, he loves your fellowship with him!  Well, spring isn’t tooooo far off!  About a month to be exact!  I am ready, winter hasn’t been bad, but I am ready for “warm” days!  Got to get ready for Church, now!  Love ………………………………………..

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Sweet Sister

Wow, my sweet sister is having such a horrible time with her leg/foot situation!  I feel so bad for her!  She just got back on her feet good and then goes and falls on ice and fractures her left foot!!!  They put a cast on for 2 weeks to see if it will start healing, otherwise, surgery.  We need to all surely lift her up in prayer that it does start healing.  I love my sister and want her to get this all behind her!!! I miss my sweet angel doll’s and hope they are doing good!  The snow was just so beautiful.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!!!!!!  Love………………………………..

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Running a bit behind!!!

In about 30 minutes it will be Valentine’s Day!!!  My precious husband gave me my gorgeous card which made me cry it was so touching, and then my very first ever D&B purse!!!!!!  I love it!  I can’t believe he got me that!  Isn’t he special!!!  We have Miss Kylie tonight and she is walking up a storm!!!!  Gave her her Valentine gift from Gigi and Papa and I believe she likes it.  Now just gotta get Miss Kaela’s over to her!!!!!!  Oh, I love those 2 little darlings sooooo much!!!!  What does everyone think of the beautiful snow we got here in Texas!!!  I think it did us all good to have such a beautiful snow!!!!  Well, I am going to say gnite for now and hit the hay!  Love……………..



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