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Kylie’s 1st Birthday Party

Kylie’s 1st Birthday Party was fabulous!  We had 40 people at our home for the joyous occasion and everyone had a great time!  Kylie was precious getting to eat her special little birthday cake!!!  So memorable, everyone was looking on in total anticipation!  Even cousin Kaela took it all in!  Got tons of great pics and just got through looking at them again!  That year sure flew by!  I always take lots of pics, but I so enjoy reliving the events with all the family and friends after it is over……so, just bear with me as I build my HUGE photo gallery!  My 2 precious grandangels, Kylie and Kaela, are TOPS!!!!  Everyone had a blast! There are pics on Facebook that you may go and look at!  Cliff wrote Kylie a special poem for her 1st Birthday that was so touching.  Love……………………………..Gigi

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KYLIE’S 1st Birthday

Today is my precious grandangel Kylie’s 1st birthday!!!!!  Happy Birthday Darlin’!!!!!!!!!  Gigi loves you beyond compare!! Can’t wait for your party tomorrow!  I love you and hope we get the recording of Fox 4 wishing you a Happy Birthday!!!  Love……………………

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It’s Hump Day

Hump Day!!!!  Always enjoy knowing we are sliding down on the weekend side of the week!!!!!!  This weather is something else!  Guess we have a doozy coming around the corner!!!!  Kylie’s 1st birthday is only 9 days away!  Can’t believe she will be 1 already!  My how they grow…….kind of hard to believe we were all that size once!!!!!!  Think I will turn in a bit early tonight, kind of tired!!  Love…………………………….

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Ok, Ok, I have been slackin’—sorry!  Dad-gum Cowboys played horrible today!!!!!  Dust ourselves off and get ready for next year!  Meanwhile, my 2 precious granddaughters are not even worried in the least about the Cowboys!  We got to keep Kylie this weekend and really enjoyed her.  Been over a month (except for Christmas Day) since we’ve kept her.  She sure likes pointing her little index fingers!  James had to work yesterday, so Kylie and I played a lot!  Kaela has a new career!  I know she is going to be adorable when she gets in action!  As far as I am concerned, both my granddaughters are just unbeatable!!!!!!  (I can say that, cause I am Gigi!!! :))  Wish I had a million $$$$$$$$ to do everything I would like for them and all my family!!!  Speaking of, guess I better get to bed so I can continue getting my paycheck!! Goodnight all, love………………………….


Holidays Are Over

Well, I suppose the holidays are over!   Always hate having to put everything up, seems like you work so hard getting everything so-so and then time to pack away!  This year was extra special good though, had 2 precious little grandangels, Kylie and Kaela to share everything with!  They were darlings and everyone sure loved seeing them!  Kylie has been under the weather the last few days.  I sure hope she is better soon!  I don’t like it when the little ones are sick, cause they can’t tell us what is wrong!  Back to the “salt mine” tomorrow.  Thank God for jobs, but I think we should have longer weekends :)!  Missed seeing Tim and Michaela this trip, but next time for sure!  Mollie is coming in this week and we ARE going to meet her next weekend!!!  Suppose to be frigid weather this week!  Sure hope everyone keeps bundled up and protects themselves!  Glad the Cowboys won today, they are division champs now.  Gotta do the same thing Saturday night!  3rd time is the charm!  I hope everyone has a good night and week!  Love………………

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Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010!  Well, Fancie and I brought the New Year in together this year, James has to work tomorrow, poor guy!  We are thankful he has a job, but I sure am rubbed wrong, when a company has only 2 days a year off!!!!!!!!  I hope this new year is happy, healthy, and prosperous for all of my wonderful family!  I am getting cold now, so I guess I’ll close!  Love…………………….

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