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Saturday night, ooops it’s actually Sunday morning!

Just as I figured, Kylie and Kaela wowed Santa!!!!!!  They are just the most adorable two little girls ever!  I can’t wait to get my picture so I can frame it!  So, glad Aunt Lana took lots of pics!  Worked on the front of the house today, James did a great job!  Then I went to Hobby Lobby for a couple of hours, and then to Wal-Mart for a couple of hours!  Ok, I guess I better go to bed and hit the floor running in the morning!!!  Gotta finish Christmas cards and cook!  Love………..

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Saturday Morning Dec.5,2009

Ok, it is toooo cold!!!  In the 20’s and shivering!  Have tons to do, so, bundle up and get cracking!  Excited for my “children” today, they are getting together and having my little precious grandangels pics made with Santa!  A little shopping and dinner!  How fabulous!!!  Gigi and Papa are looking sooo forward to having everyone at our house for Christmas!!!  Gotta get busy now..Love………

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