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Saturday morning!

Well, time to get crackin’!  I hope everybody has a great day and does everything they need to today!!!  Good mornin’ my precious girls!!!!!!



Friday Night!

Wow, I am chilling with James and Fancie, loving it!!!  This week has been extremely busy!  Going to go Christmas Shopping tomorrow!  Better get some ideas or I’ll be forced to get what I want to!!!!!  Love and gnite to all……..

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So it is finally the weekend!  I have lots of things I want to do this weekend, like clean house, go Christmas shopping, clean house,  do a little yard work, since I know the cooler weather is coming and I won’t want to trim shrubs then!  Got a busy day at work, woke up at 4 something and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I am all ready now and about to get on out of here to get a jump on the day!  Wonder what my precious little Kylie and Kaela are doing?  Sleeping I hope!  I love them sooooooo.   Talk to you later———-


Thursday Morning

Morning everyone, hope everybody has a good day!!!100_7292 I got to talk to my Babydoll “Lana” right before I went to bed last night!  I miss my girl!  Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks from today and I look forward to seeing and celebrating with family!  Of course, I will miss Clay, Maggie, and precious little Kaela being with us, but I understand sharing!  Work is getting hectic as it normally does this time of the year!  Need about 24 life applications before December 31!!!  Ugh, does anyone need one?  Call me!  Well, I guess I will close and get on to work, talk to everyone later…………

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Hump Day

Up and at em’ this morning, Veteran’s Day!  Thank you to all our unselfish American brothers and sisters who gave so willingly for the fight for our freedom in this wonderful country of ours!!!!!  Fly your flag to day!!!!!!  I love you all!  Have a great day……Later

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Tuesday Evening

How wonderful our Lord Jesus is!!!  My son Clay has a job again, my brother Ben is going back to work, Lana doesn’t have a headache, Kylie is crawling, Kaela is movin’ and groovin’, my sister had a tough surgery yesterday, but she is recovering and I know God is taking care of her!  Life is better with Jesus!!!!!!!  His blessings are so much more than we even recognize!  I pray for all of my family!  Well, I suppose I should close for the night……later

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Sunday Afternoon!

Come on Dale Earnhardt Jr!!!!!!!!  Wish he could win in Texas!  Cliff just came and picked up Kylie!  We sure enjoyed having her sweet little self here for the weekend!!!!  What a beautiful day it has been.  I send up prayers for the Ft. Hood victim’s families and friends!  What a horrific act to be brought upon heroic american’s innocently serving the country that jerk deceitfully entered to do just what he planned to do!!!!!!  I must not get on that, I will be getting my blood pressure up!!!  Back to pleasant thoughts, Kaela & Kylie!!!  They just automatically bring a smile to my face!!  Gotta go make some hay while I still have some time before the Cowboys come on.  Also, gotta put up dinner!  Later——-

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Sunday Morning

I got to keep Kylie this weekend and she has been a doll!  She is waving (like a beauty queen) you know, side to side!  I talked to Kaela Friday night and she said she wants to come over to Gigi & Papa’s to spend the weekend!!! Soon!!!!  I miss getting to see her!  I am listening to Christmas music now, with Kylie.  She seems to like it too!!!  Bought some pecans yesterday at Sam’s to start my Christmas baking!!!  Ummmm, I am going to enjoy the holiday season, especially this year!!!

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Thursday Evening!

I sure miss my precious grandangels!  Kylie, Kaela, Gigi needs your sweet faces in front of me!!!!!  Anyone that is fortunate enough to have grandangels, knows exactly what I am saying!!!   I love hearing their sweet voices in whatever way I can!  Never too many pictures!  I pray that God keeps his angels round about my sweet little grandangels always!!!!  Of course, I love ALL my family and pray the same thing for them!  And friends too!  When I was little, my sweet grandmother, “Mom” always listened to me say my prayers, I would name every person I knew!  Now that I think back, I bet she had to have had the most patience of any body ever, for never trying to cut me off or shut me up!!!  She was such a “Lady”!!!!

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