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Monday Evening

100_6730Well, the last day of November!  Sure enjoyed my day off!  Worked like a “turk” all day!!!  Thinking about my precious little grandangels!  I’m sending out hugs and kisses to Kylie and Kaela!! Praise God, Clay starts his new job in the morning!!  Been a long haul without a job!  I know he and Maggie are relieved!  God is awesome!  Well, I get to go back to work in the morning (at the office)!  Guess I should shut down a little earlier tonight!  Love………………..


Sunday Night!

I am soooo glad to have tomorrow off!  James is actually going to have a day too!  We worked all day today, got all decorating done except doing some out side.  I made my triple batch of Pecan Fluffs yesterday and now I can move on to the other holiday treats!  Mollie was kind enough to let me know, Clay, Maggie, and Kaela made it home from St. Louis!  Cliff called and said they had a good couple of days in Bridgeport.  They also went and visited with Lana and Brian, which I know was fun for all!  James has hit the hay, I am not far behind!  Love………………

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Thanksgiving was just wonderful, everyone contributed their dishes and all of them were so delicious!  Mother made her 90 homemade wonderful rolls!  We all love her bread, she is so special with her loving willingness to have always cooked so grandly for her family!!!  Kristen and Kip hosted out Thanksgiving this year and they did a great job!  James had to work yesterday, so, I went shopping!  Enjoyed every minute of it.  Accomplished quite a lot toward Christmas gifts!  Came home and decorated some more!  Didn’t want to wake James (since he has to work again today), so, I went to bed about 11:00 and this morning I am mapping out in my mind, what I want to do today!  Right now, I am letting the butter warm to make my family tradition cookie, Pecan Fluffs!  I make a triple recipe because we all love them sooooooo!!  I would like to get a little more shoppping done, so we will see how my time goes!  Bought stocking for my 2 precious grandangels and have them hung from the mantle!  I just know they both are so cute looking at the Christmas lights!!!  I love them sooooo much!!!  Now, it is my turn to host the Christmas Family Dinner!  I can’t believe 2009 is coming to a close!  Well, I gotta get busy now and make some hay while the day allows!!!  Love……….


It’s Here!!! Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!

1126091313-02Well, I am so excited!  Going to my niece Kristen’s for Thanksgiving!  She and Kip, Justin, and Emily possibly Blake, are new hosts for our Family Tradition!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone and having our wonderful cook’s good food!  Had a message from Kylie and Kaela this morning and every tooth in my head was showing!!!  lol  I know Clay and Maggie and Kaela are having a wonderful time in St. Louis, we miss them and wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of them!!  Just about to finish up and get on out to Kristen and Kip’s!  Can’t wait to see family!!!  Love………..

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Monday Morning Thanksgiving Week

Wow, what a weekend!!!  We got all the Christmas stuff down from the attic and tonight after I get home from work, I will finish decorating!!!!!  Thinking about my 2 precious grandangels this morning!  Gonna delight in seeing their little faces Christmas!!!  James and I finally got new phones!!!!!  I am excited, although I still have a  bit to learn about them!  Main feature, camera (so I can get pics of my little precious ones!).  My mind is traveling at 100 mph, my body is traveling at 0 mph!  Kylie is really going to town crawling now!  Reaching for everything she sees!!!  So cute!  ( I remember how that went with my own darlin’s!!)  Clay, Maggie and Kaela are headed to St. Louis tomorrow, I will miss them for Thanksgiving!  I am sure they will have a great visit with all of Maggie’s family!  Anxious to meet Mollie over the holidays and see Tim and Michaela!!!  Christmas music is filling the air!!!  Love it!!!  We are so blessed!  Well, gotta get off to the salt mine!  Love………………


Grandangel Kaela news!

Sitting up for the first time unassisted!!!  Getting so big!  I think I need to buy a Tea Set for Kylie and Kaela to play with!!!  I need to keep them for a weekend!!!!!!!!  Me and Papa could really have a blast!!!!

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Friday Night!

Ok, ok, it has been an awful busy week at work!!!  Miss my little grandangels, Kaela & Kylie!  What are they learning to do this week?  Thanksgiving and Christmas coming!!!  Yippeeee!  I won’t get to see Kaela for Thanksgiving, they are going to be in St. Louis!  But, Christmas———I will get to see her!!!  Can’t wait to see the two little angels together again!!!  They are getting so big!!!! I believe I have the ultimate grandaughters!  Soooo smart and beautiful!  I am going to help James get Christmas stuff down this weekend!  Can’t wait to start on decorating and baking!!!!


Monday Evening

Hey everybody!  Monday down!  Hope my little precious grandangels have a good night tonight!  Kind of tired, so will probably hit the hay a little early.  Loving this cooler weather!  Love………….


Oooooops, Sunday night!

Ok gang, got some housework done, and also went Christmas shopping yesterday!!!  James actually went with me!!  Got some things accomplished, yea!!! Got all the shrubs in front trimmed and raked into a BIG pile for James to put in the trash can!  Whooooo hooooo, in the holiday spirit!!!  So very blessed, I love all my family soooo much!!!  Oh yeah, we bought Kylie and Kaela a Christmas outfit yesterday and they are gonna look sooo cute in them!!!  Hope this week is fabulous for all!!!  Love…………………..



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