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Fall is Here!!!!!! October 19th, 2014

grandchildrenWooooooHoooooo!!!! I hate to see summer leave….but, I am now ready to usher in what comes with this time of the year! Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!  This weather can’t quite decide what it wants to do… 4 precious grandangels are sure growing!!!  I am ready to hit the hay now……after midnight :)  I’ll talk more later…Love…….Gigi

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Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bounce House As normal, it has been a long time since I have written on my blog!!!  Have I mentioned that I have 4 of the most wonderful grandangels on earth!!!  Kylie and Kaela and Mason and Brady, in that order!!!  They are the joys of my life, for sure!!!  Our annual Vissering Family Reunion is in 2 weeks.  Hope we have a good crowd.  I always look forward to visiting and talking with family.  Life is actually very short and we should stop and show the people in our lives that we LOVE them!!! (often) :)  Love ……….. Gigi

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Thanksgiving 2013!

Cooking Sweet PotatoesHey there to all of you!!!  Here we are celebrating another Thanksgiving, praise God!  I can’t begin to list ALL the blessings I have!  I do know that my Lord and Savior is in control of this world and for that I am eternally grateful!  I am celebrating with my wonderful family at my sister and brother in law (Kristi and Michael’s) home this year.  Kristi and I take turns with Thanksgiving and Christmas each year now.  Our wonderful Mother, Carolyn, single handedly prepared Thanksgiving meals for around 40 years of her beautiful life!  For the last 15 she has assisted Kristi and I in our “now” traditional roles for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I know that my sister and I share in the fact that we gladly carry on Mother’s tradition.  Of course, we have a long way to go before mastering each and every dish, but it is with great love that we try!  Love…………..Gigi

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October 17, 2013 Thursday

Grandchildren on benchI am back to catch a little bit up since I wrote last!!!  My grandangels have increased by one, Brady Kane blessed our lives on March 4th, 2013.   He is such a handsome little guy!!!!  Very happy!!!  We had a fabulous summer, swimming and enjoying the warm weather.   I love summer best!!! Every season brings fond memories and happy family gatherings!  I love my whole family and cherish each time we get together!  Since it is already over halfway through October, we are approaching Halloween, the only thing I can think is what do I get my 4 grandangels!!!  We also have a wedding taking place in my home town, St. Louis this weekend!  My beautiful daughter-in-law Maggie’s twin, Mollie,  is embarking on a beautiful union with a wonderful young man!  I only wish we could have gone to St. Louis for this wonderful event, but, wasn’t meant to happen.  I am looking forward to having fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, and Mother’s Day!!!!  You are probably wondering why I have rushed through cold weather……well, to get to NOW!!! (Norman Oasis Weekend) That is our opening pool party!!!!  Of course I love summer!!!!!!  Ok, I’ll slow down…..I really do love all the fabulous events that are in the near future!!!  I know that we must all soak up every minute of every day.  We don’t know what the next hour will bring for certain, love your life, make it GOOD!!!  I  am quite concerned about the state of our great nation, and I am concerned for my children and grandangels future.  God bless America.  Ok, Halloween is days away, candy, costumes, and fall!!!!!                       Love, Gigi……………..

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2013 January 6 Sunday

MasonWow, I have realized more with each passing day, how very fast time flies!!! I am still such a blessed woman. My first 2 grandangels will turn 4 this year!!! Not possible! My first grandangel boy is going to be 6 months old in less than three weeks! Mason came into our lives July 25, 2012. He is absolutely adorable. My holidays were fabulous because of family! We had our first snow on Christmas this year, beautiful, but kept several from being able to make it to Christmas at my sister’s house! Having Mother and Daddy out here with us was fabulous! James and I had 6 Christmas’ to do and we did! The only thing terribly hurtful, is, that James lost his job Thanksgiving week. The company he worked for was definitely not a nice one. They will suffer the loss. As we have a new year, I am praying to God that he opens a wonderful opportunity up for James. He so deserves a good job. Only 8 weeks and 1 day and our second grandangel boy will be arriving! Brady is due to arrive March 4, 2013. I am loading up on blessings with these precious grandangels. My new year’s resolution is to shed 25 pounds, write more on my blog, and do some sewing! Hopefully I will be able to accomplish these things. After all of the baking for Christmas I did, we still have some goodies left. I will do much better on the “diet” after that is gone. Cowboys disappointed again at the end of the season! Jerry says it is going to be VERY uncomfortable around Valley Ranch….right! James and I just realized Fancie is 11 1/2 years old, that doesn’t seem possible either! She is such a sweet little dog! James trained her and she is very good! He has kept the cover off the pool this winter and since he is home right now (no job), he is diligently keeping it perfect and I know he is proud of it. We will have our 3rd annual Norman Oasis Opening, which I am planning for June 1st! Only about 20 weeks away, and that will fly! I love summertime, best of all the seasons! Talk to you again soon……………….love, Gigi!

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Sunday morning- July 8th 2012

Hello everyone!!!  2weeks and 5 days til my first little boy grandangel is due to arrive.  My Babydoll goes back for her checkup tomorrow.  I am so anxious for my wonderful daughter, Lana to be blessed with a child!  I have no doubt she and Brian will be GREAT parents!  Lana has loved the role of ‘Mother” all her life and now, she gets to live that role! The summer of July 2012 has been fast and furious!  Started on May 12, 2012. That was our “opening season at the Norman Oasis! Of course, it was a bit early for the water, so we only had a couple of the children actually swim!  Fun time was had by all! Then we celebrated Mother’s Day on the same day so everyone would get to see all the Mom’s! Since that weekend, just about every weekend, we have been blowin’ and goin’! Now, we are waiting on Mason Kieth to arrive! Baby Showers, July 4th, birthdays, Father’s Day, but, the BIG one is Mason! Can’t wait to start loving on him!!! I believe: “being a grandparent is like….opening presents FOREVER”!!!!!  Stay tuned for more to come, love……………..Gigi

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Exactly 4 weeks!!!

Well, I can’t begin to tell you how very excited I am to know my Babydoll Lana, is giving birth to our 1st Grandson!!! He is due 4 weeks from today!  Most everyone doesn’t think she will go that long.  Bless her heart, she has done soooo good!  She and Brian sure have his room fixed up adorable.  His name will be Mason Kieth! Yes, that is the way Kieth will be spelled!  Brian’s mother spelled his name that way, so, Mason will have his middle name after his Daddy!!! Love it! I am soooo excited!!! Last weekend was our precious Kaela’s 3rd birthday party!  She is just adorable!  James, Kylie and I spent the night with Lana and Brian, had such a great time!  Brought our other little adorable Kylie home with us and we swam 6 hours!  This weekend we are going down to my handsome brother, Ben’s for their (Mary Beth & Ben) annual 4th of July Celebration!  Can’t wait, always have a blast!!! Love……………………Gigi

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April 18, 2012 Wednesday

Watching American Idol—-wooohooo, I am amazed at the talent! Yiiiipppeee, gettin’ so excited for little angeldoll “MASON” to get here! God is so wonderful and we all need to praise him!!!!!!! Work is —hummmm—work! James and I have been working outside getting things ready for the swimming season at “Norman Oasis”!!!!! Love………..Gigi

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Friday Night-March 23, 2012

I am so very blessed!!! I have such a beautiful family! My precious grandangels are so wonderful and I look sooo forward to our first grandson in July!  We are both looking so forward to getting the swimming season going at the Norman Oasis!!! Very anxious to work in the yard too!!! Flowers here I come!!! Going to try to get a lot done this weekend! Love………………..Gigi



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